CSS Layout Review – SunSet Heaven

Designed by WebTemplatePortal, this blog template gives me a totally refreshing feel when I first saw this amazing template. Sunset Heaven is W3C compliance and is designed 100% tabeless with full compatibility with major browsers.

SunSet Heaven

This two column blog layout is nicely themed and suitable for any topics you have in mind. The block elements in the main HTML file is properly named so that the designers can amend the file easily by looking through the file. The elements in the CSS file are also well named to facilitate you to locate any elements effortlessly.

This layout also utilize H2 tag to improve search engine optimization but you can do better by introducing H1 and H3 tags as well.

You can download the template here.

Principles of Effective Web Design

Smashing Magazine has recently published a very useful post on 10 principles of effective web design.

Principles of Effective Web Design

In the post, they discuss the movement of the users’ eyes and how people scan through a typical web page. One very important factor that I find is the effective web writing factor. This is extremely important as we all want our visitors to know what we offer is what they want within the first minute they visit our site.

The first principle touches on the golden rule, Don’t make users think :) I would say most visitors will exit your site if they find it difficult to find what they want. Keeping a web design simple is often the safest approach to start off.

Great Sponsors For Technology WordPress Theme

We are glad to announce and introduce the sponsors for the Technology wordpress theme in this post in order to make this theme free to download.

This three column wordpress theme is well-suited for all kinds of technology and Internet niche. Besides placing your Blogroll on the right of the theme, you can choose to blend in an Adsense link unit on the top of the sidebar to generate some extra revenue. The overall white and blue combination of the colors also helps to smoothen out the entire layout. In addition, the eye-catching header also supplements this theme tremendously :)

The sponsors for this great theme are areacodeanswers.

You can download this theme from themestudio.us or view the live DEMO :D

CSS Layout Review – SymiSun

Created by SymiSun to celebrate their launch, this amazing template catches my attention upon looking through the list of recent templates in the top CSS templates site :)


CSS Layout Review - SymiSun

The designer has managed to create a very unique header that stands out from most of the conventional sites. You can replace the company logo very easily by changing the top left corner image. The top horizontal navigation bar is also well positioned and would achieve a good click through rate for your internal links.

This template has also been tested to work with IE 6, IE 7, FireFox 2 and Opera 9.1. It also comes with unique icons that we have designed especially for this template.

Looking into the HTML and CSS codes of this template, the designer has put in a good amount of effort ensuring that the container blocks are properly named. This will help the new webmasters greatly by reducing their time to locate the elements that they want to amend.

This template is also designed for high performance with under 14KB and images under 48KB, a total of under 62KB. You would not want to miss out this template if you are aiming for speed.

One suggestion is that you can add in your HTML H1 and H2 tags if you want to use this template to help and optimize your Search Engine rankings.

You can download the template here.

CSS Layout Review – Roxor Blog

This is a beautifully crafted three column WordPress theme by Roxor. The colors are nicely blended and compliment each other well. This color scheme is pleasant to look at and the combination of whites, different shades of gray and the reds in the featured section stands out nicely.

The positioning and layout keeps the author’s content neatly situated. When you first look at the theme your eyes are drawn to the center where the main posts are found, which is important in any WordPress theme. Displayed in the upper left column is the navigation bar with a pleasant touch – a musical EQ background.

If you are looking to monetize your theme, this makes the task easy as it allows for monetization utilizing Adsense and Amazon. The positioning of the ads compliment the whole theme and fit nicely into the layout.

You can see it live here: Roxor Blog

Free Web 2.0 Button Generator

Free Web 2.0 Button GeneratorI have recently came across a free online tool for web button 2.0 generation provided by Free Web Stuff :)

You can select different button styles such as Vista, Mac, Gel or plastic as the foundation of your button. Other configurations include font families, sizes, styles and colors. The generation of the final button is pretty fast and is available in zip format for your quick download.

Try this tool out and let me know how you feel :)